Get Your Retirement Investment Started with Property Workshops

Unlike the share market, investing in property is stable and does not have the same risks associated with it – people will always need homes to live in. That being said, starting or building an investment portfolio is a big decision. Many people delay it or never fully commit because of their fears of doing it all right and turning a real profit.

Investment Property Workshops have helped thousands of people learn the right way to start investing in real estate and have turned regular investors into millionaires with solid retirement plans.

Learn from Professionals

Custodian’s Property Workshops are run by real professionals who already and currently make a living from their property investments. Not only are these seminars no-risk, but they are a chance to hear from the leaders in the industry on the hard facts and how Australia’s economic climate affects current trends in property investments.

These Investment Property Seminars cover the foundations for a firm understanding of the property market, including how to get maximum growth from your property, tax and rental income information, along with financing through banks and loan companies.

Learn the Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

A common mistake made by new investors is only planning for the short term. Custodian’s Investment Seminar is designed for investors who are looking to build a successful life around their investment portfolio.

The Workshops are for those interested in making up to $2.9 million in 10 to 20 years. This style of capital growth ensures that investments succeed past short term expectations, and grow into legitimate retirement plans.

Learn the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ in Property Investing

Many Property Workshops tell you everything you need to know about the investment once you have chosen it, but neglect to teach you the building blocks of how to get there, such as leverage and calculating cash flow.

Custodian’s Investment Property Workshops focus on all of these important steps, as well as giving you a solid understanding of why these methods work. They feature case studies from clients who have used these methods to become millionaires with solid, protected retirement plans. An investment seminar will give you all of the information you need, to build a great investment portfolio for yourself.

Our FREE Investment Property Workshops

Our 45 minute Investment Property Seminars are free! This means that there is no more risk than picking up a textbook or watching an online video. In addition to our free Investment Workshop, you will have access to additional resources on our website to assist you once you get started on planning your investment. There are even the ‘Focus, Success & Signpost’ CDs available for you to continue your learning.

If you are looking for a protected Retirement Investment, but are unsure how to start, or grow your Investment Property Portfolio, then a seat at our next Investment Property Seminar is where you should start! Contact us today, to find out more or book now.

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