Learning From The Past – Wealth Building

The following video published on the Custodian YouTube channel is a bit of a retrospective of 2014. In it, John Fitzgerald takes us through some of the BIG changes that have occurred in 2014, highlighting them so we can try to understand how they may have changed the investment landscape for the coming year.

It is an important aspect to consider when planning your year. On one hand there are investment principles and strategies that are very stable. When these principles are applied consistently and with discipline, wealth is most often created as a result of the work. On the other there are trends and environmental changes that occur that may impact the method or timing of your application of the higher principles of your strategies.

It may be difficult for a new investor to understand the difference in this. The best way to look at it is that principles that don’t change are usually behavioral, long term and require discipline. They are “lifestyle” type things. The things that can change typically do not change your approach or disciplines, rather the way you may apply them – or timing of the execution of your strategies.

We hope you enjoy this video and find success in the coming year.

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