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Custodian TV

Custodian TV features topical and current information on all the factors affecting property investment.

If you are keen on staying ahead of current market trends and conditions, Custodian’s YouTube Channel is your one-stop channel. Custodian’ John Fitzgerald shares a range of views on everything from property forecasts to success principles.

YouTube and our exclusive video downloads are an important part of our education program. When you subscribe to our channel you are receiving quality information delivered to you in a professional and direct manner. John presents his segments in a straight forward and professional manner thanks to his many years as a trainer and mentor.

Along with our video content, our members can enjoy the benefits of our Wealth Mentoring program which provides clients with the support and tools required to become a successful property investor. Members also have access to exclusive events and publications, estate overviews, weekly teleconference calls and property evaluations.

Thanks to the digital age, we can now utilise a whole new range of useful tools to educate and guide new property enthusiasts in the right direction.

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