Custodian John Fitzgerald

Custodian, John Fitzgerald and the whole Custodian team are proud to share their property investment knowledge with you.

John is a well-respected, Australian property expert, multi-millionaire and philanthropist. At 17, with no tertiary education and only $200 in his pocket, John made his way to the Gold Coast from Melbourne. He started out in the real estate business and quickly mastered how to build sustainable wealth.

At 18, he had syndicated over $5 million in developments. Today, the JLF Corporation Group turns over more than $100 million per annum.

John doesn’t just invest in property, he is a prolific philanthropist. He is the chairman and founding benefactor of the Toogoolawa Childrens’ Home Ltd., which has fostered over 100 youths at risk or wards of state, and runs a school for students who have dropped out of, or can no longer integrate into in to mainstream schooling.

John has personally bought, sold and developed over 10,000 properties, and has garnered a huge residential and commercial investment portfolio. He has successfully sustained and built wealth using the knowledge, skills and techniques which he now shares with ordinary Australians.

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